Crapple THE GAME

A cross-word game you can play against friends or computer.

Hate it when you get stuck with all vowels?

Well not in Crapple! You control how many vowels you hold. Obtain vowels whenever you want, but be smart, they cost points from your score.

Feel like your opponent always get the best letters?

Never fear! In Crapple you share the same rack of letters! Better play that J before your opponent's turn.

PLAY a familiar cross-word game, with a twist. Play with friends online or offline against the computer.

LIVE or ASYNC gameplay is supported. Play in realtime or asynchronously and be notified when it is your turn.

INVITE and connect with friends in-game, or join a public game and make new friends.

CHAT with your opponents via in-game chat.

CUSTOMIZE your games, from the number of letters you start with or can hold at once, to the point cost of vowels.

ENJOY passages from classic books containing the word you played!